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What it does...

      The Pooldevil Pro removes all floating debris, leaves, grass clippings, insects and even fine particles such as pollen from the surface of your pool before it settles on the bottom. This helps prevent clogging of leaf traps and filters, thus reducing strain on the pool filtration pump and extending its life.


How it works...

      The Pooldevil Pro creates a circular flow in the pool, guiding all debris toward the unit using an advanced Venturi system that draws floating debris and particles into the filtration bag.



     I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with the PoolDevil. I bought one of those aboveground 16’ pools and I was continually having to go around and dip off the floating junk before a swim. But now with the PoolDevil the water surface stays completely clean. I had some difficulty a first getting the device to hook up to my fittings, but a quick trip to the hardware store and the PoolDevil was working Great! I am one satisfied customer. 


David West

     Never before have I been so impressed with a product. I have never emailed a supplier regarding their product but yours deserves the time. I have a large aboveground pool and constantly cleaning it – surface to bottom. I noticed the Pool Devil in a local flyer. Why not for $29.99 – it’s worth a try. Well, I have not had to clean by pool top or bottom in a month. My water is crystal clear and clean.

Thanks for saving me a whole lot of time to enjoy the summer.

Denise Halladay

     I received my PoolDevil in 3 days and I am so happy to order a product that works so well!! I have friends with pools and I am telling them all to buy one, as they are great.

Thanks for selling a product that works as well as you say it does!!!


     I don’t send unsolicited product endorsements, but I have to tell you, I am so pleased with the Pool Devil. Our pool (in south Florida) is enclosed by a screened porch, but we have a Labrador retriever who swims every day. That, and the pollen that gets through the screen, keeps the surface of our pool skimmed with a noxious mix of hair and…stuff. My wife would spend hours each week talking on the cordless phone and circling the pool with a fine net trying to clean the surface. I am completely satisfied. I knew there just had to be a better way. This is it.

Thank you

David Wilson

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